Kevins' 11th Birthday -10/16/04

The Set up The kids Dinner cake and gifts


The set up

Table is set up to welcome our guests.  Tonight we are expecting about 22 adults and about 20 kids..


The buffet table is all set up and ready to go...

Still working on the appetizers table.

Steamed mussels and mushrooms turn over should be served later on.




Now that everything is set up let's the party begin

We are starting with the appetizers while waiting for more guests.

Foie gras was served and we were lucky to have our own sommelier, Phuc, who brought a special white wine to go with the Foie gras.


Duy, Doan, Tuan, Phuc, Mai-ly, Hang, and Tuan (Back only) enjoying a good glass of wine.




Warming up the food....

Looks like the chicken is ready but we had to wait for the spaghetti to be ready.


Mai-ly and I in the kitchen

Next ... the kids

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