Kevins' 11th Birthday -10/16/04

The Set up The kids Dinner Cake and Gifts


The kids...

While waiting for dinner, the kids decided to watch "kung-pow" the movie.  This the worse movie i have ever watched!

It is basically a parody of old kung-fu movie, the sound of the dialogue does not match with  the actors' mouth...(you have to watch old kung-fu movie dubbed in Engligh to know what I am talking about).  This movie is so silly that you have to laugh at it, and the kids seem to really enjoy the silliness of it.


I don't think the girls were into this kind of movie, but they did try to watch it.



Dinner time....

As soon as I announced that food was ready, the next thing I knew, all the kids were gathering around the buffet table.


On the menu we had Spaghetti w. Meatballs, Chicken Taragon and Beef Bourguigon.

By far, the most popular food for the kids was of course....

Spaghetti with Meatballs.




From the left: We have Jason, Khang, Eric (half cut off), Nicky and Justin

From middle to right: Kevin Nguyen, Kevin Vu, Justin, Ryan (the twins) and Vu

And the surprise is... all of them are having Spaghetti!..

Since we did not have enough room for the girls they had to sit on the main huge table (they can be seen in the background).


Michelle, Nicole, Rachel and Tiffany enjoying .. what else????

Spaghetti meatballs!!


Next....The adults


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