Canada-Quebec & Montreal-09/22-9/29/2019

Quebec City, Canada
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Dinner Chez Boulay-9/232019

Chez Boulay is a very famous Boreal bistro located in the Old Quebec on St. Jean Street that specialized in seasonal Northern cuisine.

Owners: Jean Luc Boulay and Arnaud Marchand main goal is to highlight the richness of Quebec's local products and depending on the season you might find  Elk, trout, elderberry flower, etc. on the menu.  It is a surprising blend of Quebec culinary traditions and international influences.

Chez Boulay store front.



A variety of products from Chez Boulay on display.


The first thing you see when you walk in the restaurant is the bar.


The bar on the left and the main dinning room on the right.

The restaurant has a very nice vibe, warm, and inviting.


Panoramic view of the restaurant.


They gave us a table against the main window and we can look out into the street..



The Menu


Appetizers menu


Meat and Fish/Seafood menu



View of the dinning room from our table.


An Old fashion for Hoa to start with.  Cheers!


Bread and butter-interesting presentation!


Homemade terrine de Foie Gras from Le Canard Goulu fram with Pure Legend elderberry jelly, and elderberries chutney, grilled brioche.


Excellent foie gras and nicely paired with the elderberries jelly and chutney.

Very nice presentation too,


I selected the Bistro's blood pudding duo: My father and Marcel's cabbage and leek blood sausage, the traditional black pudding with sweet fern, roasted apples, cauliflower puree, fried and marinated cauliflower.


I always like blood sausage!  When it is made correctly it is silky, rich, and it just melt in your mouth.


The blood sausage is excellent.  It was served with caramelized apples, and fried cauliflowers, Very yummy.


Hoa selected the special which is wild Elk with scalloped potatoes with cep mushrooms, sautéed mushrooms roasted onions in a reduction infused with fir tree,


The elk was very lean so it was on the cooked side.  Hoa usually like his meat rare.  Just an okay dish.



Our main dishes.


Dessert menu


Maple surprise, apple sauce, sunflower seeds, caramelized popcorn


We both enjoyed the dessert! basically is ice cream in the inside and the outside is a thin layer of chocolate.


Coffee with the dessert!  best way to end a meal.


The restaurant itself is really nice, on the upscale side, good vibe, and has a warm feeling when you walk in.  The food was good but there is nothing special.  The service on the other hand was not what we expected.  Our server barely paid attention to us.  I think once the food is served, she never came back,  we had to pour our wine, and too bad is you need anything else.  For an upscale restaurant, we expected excellent service and we did not get it.  We felt pretty invisible dinning there.  There is no conversation with our server with the exception of what to order.

During our stay in Canada this is the only restaurant that the service was not up to par.


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