2 weeks in France-5-26 to 6/8/2022

Day 1

Historic center

Historic center con'd & Archdiocese' garden

Cathedral of Bourges/The Crypt

The Crypt continuation

Day 2

Musee Estève

Palais Jacques Coeur

Palais Jacques Coeur continuation

Dinner at la Gargouille

2 Days in Bourges, France-5/29/2022 to 5/30/2022

Day 2-Bourges, Dinner at la Gargouille-5/30/2022

La Gargouille is a small restaurant located close to the Cathedral and from walking distance from our apartment.


The first floor is like a bar with only a few tables. The main dinning room is on the second floor.


The main dinning room on the 2nd floor.


Our reservation is at 8:00pm and we were the first customers to arrive.


A gargoyle sculpture hanging on the wall.


Pictures of gargoyles throughout the restaurant.


The restaurant has a nice and warm atmosphere.


Table set up.


The menu.


Hoa selected a bottle of red.


Hoa pouring the wine.




Hoa and I we shared the a small Charcuterie platter.


Assorted cold cuts with cervelle de Canut (herbed cheese spread).

Really delicious.




I selected a lamb shank with apricots, creamy polenta with a Tagine sauce


Very copious portion. The lamb shank melted in my mouth, really delicious.


Hoa selected a Pork belly, strong juice with olives, house made mashed potatoes, and vegetables.


Unbelievable good, great flavor and Hoa ate the whole thing.


To a great meal in Bourges.


You can see now the restaurant is full of customers.  People started to come around 8:30Pm


For dessert I ordered a licorice panna Cotta, raspberries, crispy white chocolate with yuzu.


Perfect dessert for me, light and flavorful.


Hoa ordered a platter of cheese


All the cheese were delicious!


View of the dining room from our table.  It is pretty full now.


To pay we had to go down to the first floor.  The cash register is next to the bar.

Overall, we had an excellent meal here, the service is also very friendly and the staff is very courteous, the atmosphere is cozy and very relax.


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