2 weeks in France-5-26 to 6/8/2022

Day 1

Historic center

Historic center con'd & Archdiocese' garden

Cathedral of Bourges/The Crypt

The Crypt continuation

Day 2

Musee Estève

Palais Jacques Coeur

Palais Jacques Coeur continuation

Dinner at la Gargouille

2 Days in Bourges, France-5/29/2022 to 5/30/2022

Day 2-Musee Estève-5/30/2022

The Musee Esteve is located in the Hôtel des Échevins.  The Hôtel des Échevins, built in 1489, was the seat of the municipality of Bourges.

The Hôtel des Échevins has been classified as a historical monument since 


Since 2014, the Caliban, a sculpture by the American artist Alexandre Calder, sits in the courtyard of the Hotel des Echevins.




The entrance of the Museum


The city of Bourges has dedicated a museum to the painter Maurice Estève, born in Berry (1904-2001).


The Hôtel des Échevins houses the collection donated by Monique and Maurice Esteve.
Occupying 3 floors linked by an external spiral staircase, the paintings of the French artist (1904-2001) are presented in chronological order.


Christine aux Amis-Oil on canvas -1938

La toilette Verte- oil on Canvas -1934


La Toilette a L'enfant Rouge, Oil on Canvas-1934

Paysanne endormie aux rideaux verts, Oil on Canvas-1924


We are now on the 2nd floor with mostly the artist's work on paper 

Study in 1935 for the painting " Le Sculpteur in 1947".



Hall way leading to another room with lots of paintings.




This area is dedicated to the look on Colonization.


Terracotta Bust "Why be born a slave?" by Jean Baptiste Carpeaux-1868


Linoleum print in black about colonization.




Ending our visit on the 2nd floor and now we are headed to the 3rd floor.


Spiral staircase connecting to all 3 floors.


Large room surrounded by paintings.


Estève's extensive work was not limited to the genre of painting. He was also active in collage, textile design and murals.


La feuille volant, Oil on Canvas-1929


Embarquement pour Cythere, Oil on Canvas -1929

Joueur de flute, Oil on Canvas -1931



La lecture, Oil on Canvas-1936

Les soeurs de Barcelone, Oil on Canvas -1936




Table blance, verre Bleu - oil in canvas 1938

Chantafret-Oil on Canvas -1961


The 5 stage of creation of a painting.


The artist showing how the painting was sketch on the left on 9/25/1961 and by 10/6/1961 colors were added.


On the left is how the painting looked like on 12/31/1961 by 3/9/1962 the paining looked totally different.


This is the final painting by 5/3/1963

Le Repas, Oil on Canvas-1937


Table rouge, Oil on Canvas-1938

We are now done with the 3rd floor.


Taking the stairs to the 1st floor.


Monumental fireplace on the ground floor before exiting the Museum.


Maurice Estève was largely self-educated, having only attended the free studio of the Académie Colarossi in 1924, where he tried to constructively implement of his motifs according to the model of Georges Braque and Fernand Léger, thus creating a kind of Cubist Fauvism.


Estève began to move away from realism in 1928, and was influenced in the following years by Léger, Matisse and Bonnard. His first one-man exhibition was given at the Galerie Yvangot, Paris, 1930. He worked as assistant to Robert Delaunay on huge decorative panels for the 1937 Paris International Exhibition. In the 1940s his stylized figure, still-life and landscape compositions with strong colors gradually became completely abstract, with tight-knit interlocking shapes in rich, bold colors. Has made a number of watercolors and collages, and designed stained glass in 1957 for a church at Berlincourt in the Bernese Jura.

Maurice Estève died on 29 June 2001 at the age of 97 in his home town of Culan.



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