Tuan's birthday - 4/23/11

Table set up

The guests


Birthday cake /gifts

Behind the scene

Table set up

Once a year we get the royal treatment from Tuan!  For his birthday, Tuan metamorphoses into "Chef Tuan" and becomes a Three star chef!  The food is always impressive, the ambiance is uplifting,  the wine is flowing freely, and the dinning experience is always top notch.    Perhaps the only missing link to make this evening like a Three Star restaurant is to have Tuan wear a toque and a chef uniform.....  :-)

As usual, we consider ourselves to be pretty lucky to be on the invitation list and none of us would miss it for the world!

This year Hanh wanted a white theme so everything on the table is white, silver, and with lots of sparkling gems.  Hanh did a wonderful job setting up the table!

  I was kidding Hanh when I said that this set up looks like we are going to a wedding and the only thing missing in this party is the groom and the bride.


Table overview

A gorgeous mixture of white flowers are nicely arranged

The table is set up for 17 people.. Yes, I know it is a big crowd.

Close look at each individual plate setting.

The wine

Phuc is displaying all the wine for the evening.

Wine courtesy of Phuc our private sommelier.

I was a bit shocked to learn that we drank all the wine over the course of the evening.  Yes,  all 9 bottles were gone by the time we finished our dinner.




Pahlmeyer and Caymus were my favorite wine for the evening.

Phuc using a wine aerator to open up and also to enhance the wine.

Phuc at work while Duy is enjoying a glass of wine.

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