Holidays Decorations- 12/2012

Christmas decorations Table set up Appetizer/Kir Royal/Guests 5 course Dinner


When October rolls around, people start to get excited, because they know that there are three great holidays coming up: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!

The question is: when it is time for Christmas decoration go up?

For me it is the day the day after Thanksgiving! As soon as Thanksgiving is over, I wake up early in the morning put away all the thanksgiving decorations and then I will bring down the boxes from the attic, garage and storage room.  Because I have 3 days off after Thanksgiving, I take my sweet time.  I pause in between to sip a cup of coffee and I am in a state of mind to decorate and make the house as festive as possible.  Sometimes it takes me the whole day to decorate the house but I have been scaling down a bit less every year.  Now it takes me maybe 4 to 5 hours to turn the house into a festive atmosphere!

The chimney all done up!

I use this table all year round for decorations and I just rotate the theme accordingly to the season of the year.




Closer view of the decorations on the table.

This is my buffet table that can be extended or just folded back us as it is seen here.

Decorations of the buffet table.



Demi-Lune table filled with Christmas decorations.

My dinning table.

Close look at the center piece on my dinning table.

Decorations in the family room.



Side table decorated with silver theme and Christmas centerpiece.

Wine rack with red Christmas decorations and huge poinsettia on the side.

I don't have room for a large Christmas tree so we use a miniature Christmas tree and it is just perfect!


Decorations on the floor right at the entrance.

Wreaths on the wall outside of the house.

Door day time


Door night time.

Christmas garlands lights at night on top of the door.

We don't decorate the outside of our house that much.  Only the door is decorated.





Our house


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