Christmas dinner-12/25/20211

Table set up/dinner/Dessert

Gifts opening

Christmas decorations/Table Set up

I have so much Christmas decorations and every year I tried to do something a little different.  I used to go all out with the decorations when Kevin was home, but now I just use like maybe 10% of what I have. 

I used to spend days bring out and decorating the house but now that I am older, I decorate just enough so it still have the spirit of Christmas.

This year I decided to bring out my holiday miniatures houses and to display them on the cupboard at the entry way.

I added a bunch of lights and the display looks very nice.


The dogs that are no longer with us and I miss them dearly.

Taz on the left, Foxxy in the middle, and Rocky on the right.


A variety Christmas cone tree on display


I don't have room for a big tree so our tree is really small but it does the job of bringing out the spirit of Christmas.


Christmas decoration on my Kitchen Island.


The dinning table with all the Christmas decorations.


Close look and the table set up.




More views of the decorations in the middle of the table.


I get to bring out my Christmas plate once a year and they are very cheerful.




I put together the Pine and red berries center piece by getting a variety of pine branches and red berries from our yard.


5  course Dinner

Menu is printed for Alice and Mark.


Menu for Kristie and Kevin.


Menu for me and Hoa.


5 course menu for tonight.

Tonight I am making Kevin's childhood favorite dishes.


Course #1: Caramelized onion and Mushroom quiche with mushroom soup


Kevin loves quiche Lorraine but tonight I am making a mushroom quiche and paired it with a satisfying mushrooms soup.

Click on LINK to see preparation


Course #2: Escargot the Bourgogne

Another dish that Kevin loves in his childhood and still adore. 

Escargots de Bourgogne is the most common worldwide recipe of preparing escargots originating from French region of Burgundy. The main ingredients are garlic, herbs and butter and it is so addicting when you dip your bread into the garlic butter sauce.

Click on LINK to see preparation


Course #3: Clams Marinière

The traditional dish is made with mussels but I substitute with clams since we simply like clams better.


This dish is really easy and fast to make about 15 minutes and you get a satisfying and delicious dish.  The Clams are steamed in white wine and then heavy cream is added to create an unctuous broth.

Click on LINK to see preparation


Course #4 Pan seared Moulard Duck breast with peppercorn sauce

Another classic French dish that can be found in most of the Bistro in France.  It is a comfort dish that can be eaten all year round and the pepper corn is simply delicious.


This is Mark's plate, all the duck breast is cut in small portion 


I served the duck with pan seared shitake mushroom and Brussels sprouts and served in a nice a miniature Dutch oven. 


Mark, Alice, Kristie, Kevin and I, enjoying our meal!  Cheers!


Course #5: Desserts

I made a plum cake.  Alice, Mark, and Kristie like this cake!


Alice brought 3 different type of Mochi: Berry, Mango, and coffee.


Panna cotta with passion fruit.


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