Japan -03/31/- 04/08/2017

Nara Park-4/6/2017

Nara park Nandaimon gate & Todai ji Stone lanterns/Kasuga Shrine

Stone Lanterns and Kasuga Shrine.

Kasuga Shrine is a popular Shinto shrine and has become increasingly popular to tourists and even the locals of Japan because of its breathtaking bronze and stone lanterns accessorizing almost all areas of the temple. Kasuga shrine is located at the far end, northeast of Nara Park, about a 25-30 minute walk from Toda-ji. The shrine is considered as one of the most valuable shrines in Nara prefecture and is a member of the Three Great Shrines in the entire Japan. The Shrine is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Kasuga is a Shinto shrine is located and was purposefully chosen inside a grove of trees. Shinto is deeply connected with nature and it very relaxing walk.
On our way to the Kasuga shrine, we passed by a Koi pond and a traditional Japanese house but it is not open to the public.

There are a total of 3000 stone lanterns scattered along the way to the shrine

The long path leading up to the shrine takes you through a fascinating landscape of woods interspersed with thousands of tall stone lanterns covered in moss and lichen

The 3000 lanterns are symbolic of the 3000 Kasuga shrines spread throughout Japan and lanterns are a symbol of illumination, a guiding light. If you follow Shinto religiously, you will be saved from darkness.
 Through the winding path there are various sizes of stone lanterns.

A red torii gate in the center surrounded by stone lanterns.

Each lantern is donated by a citizen to show thanks and support to the shrine. Writing on each lantern shows which deity the lantern is donated to, or the personís name that donated the lantern.
Sacred Deer statue with the Temizuya Fountain where people can wash their hand and rise their mouth.

More lanterns along the way....


A deer roaming among tourists...


Small Wooden Memorial donor plaques are on display for people to read.



The entrance to the shrine.

Kasuga Taisha Torii gate.

The closer you get the shrine you will see more and more lanterns.

2 young ladies dressed in Japanese clothing.  They looked like they came from a movie set.


Deer are every where... Really cute, here they are popping out between the lanterns for people to take their pictures.

Stairs leading to the shrine.

Before entering the shrine on the left hand side a bunch of stone lanterns are on display.

It is really pretty especially with the cherry blossoms above the lanterns.



Bronze lanterns in front of Kasuga shrine. In the back ground you can also see lots of bronze lanterns hanging from the ceiling.

From the porch of the shrine are bronze lanterns hanging from the ceiling... There are so many of them.


Nara park is really huge and we have been walking for at least 4-5 hours now... Pretty exhausted so we are resting a bit!

We found this small vendor and stop by for a quick lunch!

We ordered some Takoyaki, fried octopus balls and some ramen...It is not very good, way too salty.  We had some at the Electronic area and they were a lot better.


Next... Korean BBQ dinner in Kyoto



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