Kevin's graduation- UC Irvine- 6/14/2015

Graduation ceremony


Dinner at Pescadou

Today Kevin is graduated after four years of college at the University of California, Irvine ((UCI) with a bachelor in Computer Science.

It was a beautiful day in Irvine! 

Thuy and I walking over the campus.  Lots of people!

The ceremony is held in the Brent Events Center inside the campus

The ceremony is at 4:00PM and we arrived 30 minutes earlier.  This the alley leading to the Brent Center.

We were holding all the tickets and we are waiting here for Kristie.

Kristie giving Kevin's an orchid lei. 


Thuy also gave Kevin a orchid lei so he got two of them.


Inside the Brent center.

The Brent center is is a 6,000-seat, indoor multi-purpose stadium.

In the center seats are set up for students that will be graduating today.  Today there are about 850 students that will graduate.

The large TV screens on the wall

Student graduating with a Master degree are the first to walk in.

They seating in the front row.  There are not many of them, they will occupied the two front rows.

Students graduation with a bachelor degree are next and the room is starting to fill up.

The faculty members walking up to the podium

Speeches are made and the ceremony is starting....

Kevin graduated!

The ceremony is over is and the last thing the speaker asked all the students to say "ZOT, ZOT, ZOT" .Student raised their hands and it unison they said : "ZOT, ZOT, ZOT".

I am not sure of the meaning.. but it was fun...






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