Send away Party for Kevin- 8/13/11

The set up Guests/Appetizers Appetizers continuation Speeches Dinner Desserts Behind the scene

The arrival of the guests/Mingling...

Invitation is for 6:30Pm and I told our guests to be on time if they do not want to miss the appetizers and as expected most of our guests were early or punctual.

Vu, Kevin V., Kevin, Tiffany, Michelle, Jason and Elise.


Kevin with friends from school and cousin Jason.


The kids getting together...


Our neighbor Aarti and Dhairya

Anh Chau, Tuan, Hoa and Maily enjoying a glass of wine..

Hung and Hai

Photographer Hoa caught taking pictures...

Most of our guests are here... and the appetizers table is almost set up.



The appetizers are now ready for our guests...


The Appetizers Menu

Endives with crab salad.


Caramelized pork with steamed Chinese Bun, Gravalax with red caviar and homemade Blini.

Caesar Salad Spring roll with Prosciutto

Large plate of Insalata frutti de mare (Mixed Seafood platter)

Home made Blini with Crème Fraîche


Chicken sate with peanut sauce on top left corner.

Tiffany passing out an appetizer plate....


Time to eat...

This is a nice assortment of all the appetizers,

Kevin V. spooning  the caramelized pork on a steamed bun.

Rich and Maria checking out the appetizers...

Vu taking a picture of Rocky.

Next.. Appetizers continuation



Our house


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