Send away Party for Kevin- 8/13/11

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The Set Up

In less than a month Kevin will be going to the University of California in Irvine! It is going to be a new adventure in Kevin's young life where for the first time he'll be leaving the comfort of our home to stay in a dorm far away from home (not that far but far enough). I know it is a natural part of growing up that youngsters leave home and start their adult lives, but for some reason, it has not sink in yet for Hoa and I that pretty soon we are going to have an empty nest!  I am sure we will need an adjustment period once he is gone but right now everything is still the same.  We are counting on our friends to help us ease into the next phase of our life - more parties, more trips?

In any case just before Kevin takes off, we wanted to give him a proper send off party and make it a memorable time spent with friends and family.  It is also a chance for everyone to give him support, wish him luck, and of course to say good bye.

Tonight we are expecting about 70 guests.  Tables, chairs and decoration are brought out for this occasion.

One of the two tables for the adults are set up.

Wine bottles and wine glasses are set up.




Decoration on the tables...


Second table for the adults.

Another large table is set up for the kids on our wood deck.


Flower centerpiece are arranged and will be set up next to wine table.

Another medium center piece that will set up next to the appetizers.


Flowers arrangement on each dinning table.


Appetizers plates are brought out...

Silver ware are bundled together for convenience.


Wine table is set up and ready for our guests.

White wine bottles are chilled together with beers.

Balloons are displayed next to our Magnolia tree in the front of our house.

Dinner table is set up!

Candles are lit.


After dark....

Candles reflections creating a nice warm glow.

Large centerpiece taking after dark...

Next.. Guests/Appetizers



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