Las Vegas -6/13/10

Dinning at Mesa Grill Jean Philippe Patisserie Chihule & Aria hotel

Day 1- Dining at Mesa Grill

We flew to Vegas and met up with Thuy and Thien.  We went shopping and at night we decided to dine at Mesa Grill.  Thien Suggested a few restaurants but since we always have good food at Mesa grill we decided to go back there and beside Thuy and Thien had never been there.


Warming up our appetite with the bread basket including corn muffin and Jalapeno bread.


For appetizer we ordered the Rough cut Tuna "Nachos" with Mango-Habanero hot sauce and avocado crema.

Great dish, the tuna is so fresh and the sauce is just perfect.


The second appetizer we ordered is the Crispy Squid with avocado vinaigrette, radishes, red chile pesto and picked chiles.

This dish is for Kevin since he likes fired Calamari.


The 3rd appetizer we got is their signature dish the:Tiger shrimp and roasted garlic corn tamale with corn cilantro sauce.



Hoa, Kevin, Me, Thuy and Thien enjoying our appetizers!


The entres

Kevin and Thuy ordered the 22 oz Bone In Chipotle glazed rib-eye with red and green chile sauce.

Thien ordered the Fire roasted veal chop with horseradish maple glaze with wild rice tamale and sage butter

Hoa and I we shared the grilled lamb porterhouse chops with tangerine roasted Jalapenos mint sauce with plantain tamale with molasses butter.

As always we had a great meal there....


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