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Pescadou bistro

After Vegas we drove to Irvine which about 4 hours by car to take Kevin out for Dinner.  Kevin just moved into his new apartment and he can spend an evening with us.  Being away for a while and eating below average food in college Kevin was happy that we are going to a French food restaurant tonight.   Pescadou bistro in located in Newport Beach, Ca (about 15 minutes of Irvine campus) and it was referred by our cousins who are raving about their food.

Pescadou Bistro is not a fancy place but it is warm and very charming.



Hoa ordered a Kir to start with. 

 Kir is a popular French cocktail made with a measure of crème de cassis (blackcurrant liqueur) topped up with champagne.



We started with an order of ESCARGOT DE BOURGOGNE made with a butter, garlic, and parsley sauce!


The owner is French so they know how to cook traditional French bistro food!


Homemade DUCK CONFIT served with pear, walnut, green salad.


The duck was simply delicious, the skin was crunchy and the meal just melt in your mouth!

LES MOULES, PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND MUSSELS in a poulette sauce (cream and garlic)



Can't go wrong with this dish!  The mussels were plumps and the sauce was tasty and perfectly seasoned.


I ordered a LAMB MIX, two grilled lamb chop and one Merguez (a spicy sausage from North Africa) sausage served on a bed of mashed potatoes and ratatouille  


My lamb was pretty good!  I ordered the meat to be rare but it came out to be over done to my taste but everything on the dish was excellent.


Kevin ordered a STEAK FRITES, grilled Niman Ranch hanger steak with shallots, red wine reduction and pommes frites.   


Once you have Phuc's (our friend) steaks it is very difficult to enjoy another steak anywhere else.

Kevin thought the steaks was too chewy and it was also a bit over cooked.  The sauce was very good.

Kevin told me that the next time he will order the fish because the quality of the steak is not good enough for his taste.


Hoa ordered a half portion of CASSOULET, made with white bean, smoked pork, Toulouse sausage, and duck confit.  



I personally do not really like beans but I have to say this cassoulet was very flavorful!  Hoa was happy he only ordered the half portion which was just the perfect amount.


For dessert I choose PAIN PERDU, a bread pudding with raisins, cranberry, rum caramel sauce and whipped cream.  


And or course... coffee with dessert!


This the vin the table selection for the evening.

Hoa ordered a glass of the Chateau Haut Gay (Orange bottle in the middle) and he said it was pretty decent!


The owner Jacques and Olga took their time to talk to us about their food and how difficult it is to make it in the food industry .  The three of us enjoyed our meal there and we definitely will be back!


If you want traditional Bistro food then Pescadou Bistro is it!  Give them a try the next time you are in Long beach:

Pescadou Bistro
3325 Newport Blvd
Newport Beach, CA 92663
(949) 675-6990

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