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Now that you have seen the restaurant let's start our meal!

 Pan con tomate ($7)

Consisting of toasted Ciabatta bread with tomato,garlic and topped with Mancheco cheese


Hoa asked the waitress for some bread to start but to our surprise she said they do not serve any bread at all and recommended we order this dish to start with.

This is a really simple dish to start out meal!  I was nothing special with warm bread, a bit of tomato and cheese to wet our appetite!


Seared Foie gras ($22)

 with pickled shiitake, pineapple, cocoa nib, with a port wine-ginger reduction.



The foie gras was excellent and it was pretty thick so both Hoa and I had a decent portion after splitting it in half.

I like everything on the dish but I thought the sauce was bit on the sour side but overall we enjoyed every morsel of it.


Monkfish au torchon - ($14)

Monkfish liver cooked au torchon topped with rice crunch and iridescent mint soy, and Hawaiian salt.


I always like monkfish liver!  Here the monkfish liver was gently poached and yield a pretty nice texture and flavor.

Our waitress told us this is the first time they added this dish to the menu and she asked us if we like it.  I gave her 2 thumbs up!


Crispy duck confit ($12)

with truffle injection and truffle aioli


Hoa and I we were a bit surprised when this dish came out!  I did not expect the duck confit to be served as roll .  This dish is definitely a fusion between French and Vietnamese.  The duck confit meat is rolled up  and then fried and served with pickle daikon and carrots (Vietnamese style) and a bit of truffle injection and truffle aioli (French).

I actually really enjoy this dish!  The duck confit roll was crispy and very tasty - The combination did work well.


Black Angus sliders ($12)

with caramelized onion, bacon, and French fries.

Yummy!  What is not to like!  The classic burgers are transformed into bit size and filled with caramelized onions... simply delicious.  The French fries are crunchy and I wish I could have a few more....


"In the shower" mac & cheese ($18)

Macaroni in a béchamel sauce, brunoise vegetable and lobster meat.


I read online that the Mac & cheese is to die for and it is a must so we gave it a try!

Indeed it is very good, the béchamel sauce was perfect balanced not too rich but creamy and flavorful and to make it even better they added lobster meat and I also enjoy the crunchy bread crumb on top of the dish.


Coffee and dessert


They served coffee in a large glass pot that can easily accommodate 4 cups.  You can the pot on the 1st picture on the left.

Their coffee is actually pretty strong and very good.


I selected the traditional Grand Marnier soufflé ($14)

served with orange crème Anglaise, orange cardamom ice cream.


The waitress is pouring the crème Anglaise on top of the soufflé.

Overview of the soufflé plate.


Here I am digging my spoon inside the soufflé!

How good was it!...

For you to be the judge...

We had a great meal, the service was excellent and I also enjoy the decor of the restaurant and I am a bit sadden that this the end of our meal!

Even though individually the small plates have small prices, but you can run up a pretty hefty bill by ordering multiple options but to me it was worth it!

Fleur is definitely a keeper!  I'll be back again....


Inside Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino
3950 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89119
TEL 702.632.9400

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