Paris 09/28 - 10/2/2017

La Regalade-St Honore-10/01/2017

There are 16 of us for dinner and finding a place is not easy!  After searching around I found that La Regalade located at 123 rue Saint Honore close to Les Halles had a table for 16 witch is perfect for the group.

We have been to the original La Regalade located at rue Jean Moulin, Paris 14th and we enjoyed their food so I figure out the food should be similar and we should have a good meal here.

The front of the restaurant




The menu is really reasonable at 35 euros per person

Walking in the restaurant, our table is at the far end of the restaurant.


This is the main dinning room



This the view inside the restaurant looking out into the street.


The dessert station on the left and on the right is a counter with the entrees. 


This is our table!  Pretty narrow that once you seat down, our waiters will not have any room to walk by. They just put the dishes in front of the table and ask us to pass the food to the back.

My brother's family and us we were the first to arrive.


Across from out table is an open kitchen.


Large rotisserie against the wall.



Action in the kitchen...


Kevin and Alex settling down.


Kevin, Alex, and Christopher chatting away...



Hoa and Son


From the left: Thierry, Thuan, Xinh, Hoa, Son, Thomas and Kevin

From the right: Mai, Cang, Charlot, Minh, Loan, Valerie (partially covered), Christopher and Alex


A quick selfie with everybody! Cheers!


Next... Dinner




Our house


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