Paris 09/28 - 10/2/2017

Dinner at Afaria -9/28/17

We flew from Catania to Paris and arrive around 6:30Pm with barely enough time to get to the apartment, where Kevin was waiting for us, and get to the restaurant at 9:00PM for dinner. Kevin flew from Albany, NY, for the weekend just to attend Ba's 90th birthday.  Kevin requested to dine at Afaria as he loves the duck there.  This would be this third time dining at Afaria and for us, this must be our 5th or 6th time there.

Tonight we are dining with Cang/George, Minh/Loan and the 3 of us but I did not take any pictures of the whole group.

This is the grilled duck marinated with balsamic vinegar that we can never have enough.

This is a portion for 6 people (3 full breasts)


Loan opted to order a braised chicken wiht pears, a pan seared gnocchi.



For dessert we shared a chocolate soufflé and pain perdu (French toast) with caramel sauce topped with vanilla ice cream.

Breakfast at Maison Kaiser -9/30/2017

After spending 9 days in Sicily, I am so looking forward to have great breakfast in Paris.  What I am really craving for is some croissants, pain au chocolat, pain aux raisins, fantastic bread spread with tasty butter (tartine) and a nice hot cup of strong coffee.

As we were leaving our apartment, we just walked around to see if there is a boulangerie around and then we stumble on Eric Kayser shop.

Eric Kayser is an artisan boulanger, you can read his story Here.

I had been to his shop in New York a few years ago but it was a disappointment.  I hope that this one will be a lot better since it is located in Paris.

This is what you see as soon as you walk in the shop.

When inside, you will be greeted by the warm smell of baking bread!  I love it already, this is exactly what I needed.


Freshly baked bread and lots and lots of pastries on display.


Pastries on display!  Looks really yummy.


On the wall it is written that to be an artisan baker it means that the dough is mixed and baked on the premises.

We are artisan bakers

Hoa and Kevin looking forward to our breakfast.  Kevin loves breakfast!


Me and Loan.


We ordered the Degustation menu which came with one hot drink, one cup of fresh orange juice, 3 small viennoiseries, half baguette, butter and marmalade.  

The Baguette had a great crusty exterior and extremely fluffy with large, irregular holes which formed from natural fermentation. This is a MUST order!

Minh ordered a pain aux raisins, one of his favorite Viennoiserie.


Hoa ordered a croissant with coffee.  The croissant was delicious with a thin, crispy, flaky exterior and pure butter in it.


From out table this the view of the counter where people can seat around and have their breakfast.

All of us really enjoyed our breakfast here at Maison Kayser.  The most memorable for me was the bread with butter. I was really delicious.  I am looking forward to come here tomorrow but alas, we found out it was not open on Sunday (our lost!).


Next... Ba's 90th birthday





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