Paris 09/28 - 10/2/2017

Ba's 90th birthday-09/30/2017

Arrival/Greetings Speech/Food Birthday cakes

Today we are celebration Hoa's mom 90th birthday and her life with family and friends.  Hoa is throwing a party to celebrate his mom's Birthday and her life but since we are too far to organize and plan for all the details, Hoa enlisted the help of his sisters.  Mai and Thierry offered to host the party at their house, and Cang, Chi Be planned for the food.  The only request Hoa had is to make sure a roasted suckling pig is on the menu because it is associated with important celebration according the Vietnamese tradition.


Kevin would not miss such an important event so he flew from New York just for the weekend.


Ha surprised us and showed up to the party!  I was a chock to see her when she walked in the door, we were speechless! She did not mention a word to us and nobody in the family knew she was coming  except for Chi Be!  It was a well kept secret.

Ba and her younger brother Cau Hoan


Ba surrounded by her 2 eldest boys- Bac Thuan flew from Saigon to be part of the celebration.


Lots of family members...



Kevin and Ba

Us with Den and Dara

The cousins together

From Left: Melanie, Catherine, .....Kevin, Tutu, Trang, Toan, ....., and Ham



Nice picture of Julie and Hoa


Jeremy and Hoa

It was a beautiful autumn day and the kids were able to play in the garden.

Hoa mingling with Den, Vincent., and Catherine


George, Kevin and Co Cang in the kitchen


Having fun...Thuan , Mai, Cang, Loan, Me, and Hoa.



Chloe, Mai-lees, Divan, and Victoria


Nice picture of Den and Divan

Hugo and Divan

Sean, so cute!  Looks at those eyes!

I love dogs so I don't miss an occasion to hold them.


Mo Hoan, Ba, and Cau Hoan


Toan having fun...


Me with Loan, Cang, Ha, and Den


Group portrait.


Preparing the food....




Setting up the table...

Almost ready for the feast...


Ba changed and put on her Ao Gia (Vietnamese tunic) for the occasion.  Here is with Mo Hoan and her brother Cau Hoan.

Next..Speech and the food




Our house


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