Paris 09/28 - 10/2/2017

Ba's 90th birthday -09/30/2017

Arrival/Greetings Speech/Food Birthday cakes


Time to sing Happy birthday to Ba


Catherine baked an apple tart, a chocolate cake, and a banana cake.  The pastry cake in middle with all the eclairs is from Mo Hoang.


The kids are definitely ready for some cake...


Chocolate cake

Apple tart


Banana cake


Cang cutting banh da heo, a Vietnamese dessert.

Coffee is also ready....


Almost ready to sing Happy birthday to Ba.




We are all singing Happy Birthday!


Time to blow the candles!


Excellent Job!  Happy Birthday Ba!



 Ba is very happy!


Opening all the gifts..Ba loves the red envelopes!


Coat, sweater, etc...



Once it once said and done... A game of poker is a must!


Ham won a few tournaments in France and he always said the will take the Americans (Hoa, Kevin, Minh, and Loan).




Kevin won the most with 80 euros, and Loan is second with 70 euros.

This is the 2nd time they played and this is the second time Kevin won, leaving Ham in the dust....

Ham will have to wait to get his next revenge...


Next... Breakfast/Visit my mom/Lunch at Chez Andre




Our house


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 Mon  petit coin