Paris 09/28 - 10/2/2017

Ba's 90th birthday-09/30/2017



Birthday cakes


Now that the food is ready and everybody is sitting down, Hoa requested to do a little speech to honor Ba's life.

There are about 40+ adults for the occasion and here Hoa is trying to have everybody settle down so he can start his speech.


Basically, Hoa talked about where and how Ba started her family, how they moved to Laos in 1945 during the war.  She became a successful business women and was able to provide a good life for her family. She Kept the family close and to this day all the siblings are still very close.

It was an emotional speech and the speech was geared to inform the younger generation as they were not aware of her history.  Hoa did a very good as I see a lot of people with teary eyes.


Ba was so honored and she was so happy to be sharing this great day with all her kids, grand kids, family, and friends.


The food

Roasted suckling pig

Fried chicken wings.


Tam mak hoong-Papaya and carot salad.

Home made Cha gio


Bi cuong


Grape fruit salad with shrimps


Banh Beo


Larb Neua (Beef salad)



Plenty of wine...

Japanese cognac

Time to eat

Sieu, Mai Linh and her husband Alain

Kevin, Phung, Toan, Thoai, and Melanie


Lots of people...So much food!


Thoai, Phung, Cang, Tutu, Melanie, and Julie.

Phung, Thoai, Melanie, Julie, Catherine, and Vincent.


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