Huyen & Phuc's 28th Anniversary-08/7/2021

Table set up/Guests 3 course dinner  Desserts/Poker Food preparation


Huyen and Phuc got married 28th years ago and tonight we are celebrating their wedding anniversary.

The happy bride and groom back in 1993.

Spencer looks exactly like his dad.

Maily and Tuan standing in the back! 
Mai-Anh and Jude (sitting)

Thuy and Duy



Table set up/Guests

Table for the adults (11 people).


Phuc told us he did not know how to set up a table probably so he goggled it, and we all learned that the napkins are supposed to go on the left.

I have been doing it wrong all theses years as I always set them on the right.


Wine and Champagne glasses are set up


Close look at the table for the adults.

Close look at the table for the young adult.


The table for the young adults (7 people)



Individual plate setting with a mother of pearl spoon for caviar.


Champagne and wine


Wine table


Wine table overview.


The invitation said to arrive promptly at 6:30pm and since we did not want to be late, we were the first guests to arrive beside Anthony and Katherine.

Within a few minutes most of the guests started to arrive.


Trung, Ha,  and Hoa into a conversation...


We are surrounding the kitchen island and watching Huyen cutting butter into portions.


Huyen and Ha.  We are all happy to be here tonight.


More conversations....




Phuc is bringing out the champagne...


The young adults together...


All the guests are here and Phuc and Huyen are ready to put the 1st course together.


Spencer putting the baguette in the oven...


The champagne is cold and ready to be opened.


Champagne is opened and ready to be poured.


Caviar is brought out..


This is wimply crazy that Huyen and Phuc bought so much caviar for 18 people!


100 grams per jar (3.5 oz.)




NEXT... 3 course dinner


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