Phuc's & Huyen's anniversary at the Table- 8/10/13

Sitting down 6 course menu Desserts/Coffee

Coffee and desserts

Originally we were supposed to dine here and then go back to our house for desserts. However, we were seated 30 minutes behind schedule and by the time our meal was over it was already 10:30PM, which is too late to go back to our house for desserts.  We all concluded that it made more sense to stay for coffee and desserts instead.


Cheers to a wonderful evening and congratulation to Phuc and Huyen to make it to their 20th anniversary!

We managed to drink 8 bottles of wine among 10 people (the 2 kids did not count).

Check out all the glasses on the table.

The rowdy bunch! 





Pot de crème au chocolate house made whipped cream, sea salt


Peach bread pudding vanilla mousseline, macerated peaches



This is a really rich and delicious dessert.


Ricotta beignets with lemon curd

I love the beignet especially when they are freshly fried and piping hot.


All the desserts were excellent and we managed to eat everything without leaving a crumb.

Ending the meal with a really nice cup of coffee to complete our meal.


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