Phuc's & Huyen's anniversary at the Table- 8/10/13

Sitting down 6 course menu Desserts/Coffee

Tonight we are celebrating Phu'c and Huyen's 20th anniversary at the Table.  The last time we ate at the Table with the group was for Phuc's surprise birthday but instead he surprised us by bringing all the wine and pretended to be surprised when we greeted him.  Here we are back again but this time we are not eating off the menu.  Phuc worked with Brian the general manager to get a 6 course special menu just for our group.

The menu is print out for us and it is tucked under a napkin inside a plate.

When we got to the Table they printed a menu with dessert but Phuc told them we did not want dessert so the menu is re-printed with only 5 course because they don't know what the 6th course will be yet and it will be up to the chef to surprise us.

We got seated at the communal table and we occupied half of it.


All of us...12 all together including Spencer and Nam Chi that are and the end of the table.


The ladies...



The guys...

Because they made us wait for 30 minutes before we got seated,  complimentary champagne was offered.


Trung, Hoa, and Phuc


Tuan, Minh, and Nam Chi


We started the evening with a Champagne rose by Veuve Chicquot.  Definitely another league from the complimentary Champagne.

Then we moved on to a Kistler.. one of my favorite white wine.

Complimentary starter on behalf of the house.

Jamón on a bed of tomato with cured celery.


This a really good starter!  The Jamón was tasty, the tomatoes were ripe and flavorful and the cured celery added a bit of sweet and sour taste to the dish.

Next.. 6 course menu



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