Phuc's, Nicky's birthday and Superbowl Party - 2/6/11

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The Set up

Very rarely do we get to celebrate three events at one party!   Phuc is turning 50, Nicky is welcoming his 16th birthday and the Superbowl party is today! The three events are lumped in one great party.  Maily organized the party at Phuc's and Huyen's because they have a large home and accommodate a large crowd.

The weather is just incredible!  It definitely feels like we are in the summer instead of winter.  It is so nice that Huyen and Phuc decided to set up the dinning table outside so we can enjoy this incredible weather.  The weather was so warm that we had to sit in a shade to avoid getting a sun burn.


Overview of the table.  Huyen is a pro now, she set up and decorated the table all by herself and did a wonderful job! 


This is a nice picture!  Nice view of Phuc's and Huyen's garden towards the mountain.

Close look at a decorated goblet on the table.

Center piece on the buffet table!


The appetizers...

The invitation is for 1:00PM and Kevin and I we got there on time!  To our surprise we were the first guests to arrive.  The appetizers were already set up and looks so appealing especially for Kevin who did not have breakfast yet!

A tray of different type of Pâté and sausage is set on the table to welcome guests.

Green olives, cornichons, and Dijon mustard.

Dip and chips!

Assorted cheese platter.


Nice centerpiece!


Since we were amongst the few first guests to arrive, we had the 1st pick of the appetizers!


Tuan and Khiem sitting in the backyard and enjoying the weather. 

 Khiem could not believe this incredible weather in the middle of Winter!  When he left Dallas (a day ago) it was snowing heavily!. 

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