Chef's Menu for Huyen's Birthday 11/19/11

Table set up/Wine

Chef's menu Guests/Behind the Scene Happy Birthday

Phuc and I we teamed to co-host a nice sit down dinner For Huyen's birthday.  Phuc called his purveyor and was able to score a very limited highest grade Wagyu rib eye steaks for the party.  Knowing we can only get a very limited supply of wagyu beef (14 pieces to be exact), I decided we should have a small an intimate party for Huyen.  My latest culinary adventure at the Plumed Horse was so memorable that I wanted to re-create the same magic.  The menu is inspired by the Plumed Horse but of course a put a few twists by incorporating a few recipes from the French Laundry and hopefully this will be a memorable dinner.

Table set up

The theme I choose to decorate the table is the color of autumn, where the leaves are transformed into a vivid palette of red, orange, gold, and brown. To me these colors are rich, beautiful and simply gorgeous to look at.

Beautiful and colorful leaves are part of the centerpiece. 


The Menu is printed and ready for the guests.


Plates with gold leaves are rested on top of gold chargers to create a luxurious feel.

Crystal glasses are brought out for the evening...

Orange and yellow tulips are freshly cut and put in a vase for display.

Ornamental Kumquat tree are added for height.


Close view of each setting plate.

Table overview from the end of the table.

The front of the menu


Opening the menu

The Chef's Menu

Phuc brought a large selection of wine to pair with the food.

A few minutes before we sat down Phuc poured the first bottle of wine.  

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