Chef's Menu for Huyen's Birthday 11/19/11

Table set up/Wine

Chef's menu Guests/Behind the Scene Happy Birthday

The guests

Phuc and Huyen

Tuan and Hanh

Ha and Trung


Loan and Minh




Behind the scene/Preparation work

Platting the amuse bouche: Raw Tuna, Hamachi and Salmon...

Huyen is helping me with the decoration of the dish put putting a few daikon sprout of top of the dish.

Waiting for all our guests to arrive before I can drizzle the sauce on top of the dish.

Here is the final touch of the dish.

Here I am preparing the cheese soufflé

Putting the final touch on my mushroom soup..

The custards are in the center of each dish and I am spooning a bit of sautéed mushrooms on top of the custard.

The soup are brought out and all I need to do is poured the soup over the custard...


Her is the final presentation of the dish



Patting the Foie Gras au torchnn.  I am arranging a bit of Arugula and Mizuna salad and a caramelize pear.  This a portion for two people.

Final presentation of the dish.

Hoa was a bit busy and he forgot to take a picture of the tray of Wagyu beef.  Good thing we save a piece for Kevin when he gets back from college and we were able to take a picture.  Each steak is about 12 oz.  Notice the marbling on this piece of meat.  It is almost white (fat). 


Here is a chart to help you see the different category of meat- ours is definitely the last one of the right.



We had to grill the steaks outside and it was drizzling so Trung had to bring out an umbrella to cover Phuc to keep him dry.

Hot grill to get a caramelized top coat.  Lots of smoke...


The steaks are ready to be served.  Good thing that the steaks are not too thick so the total grilling time is about 3 to 4 minutes per steak.  Phuc has to grilled into 2 batches but it was fairly fast and manageable.


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