Phuc's and Nicky's 17th birthday - 2/4/12

Set up  The Guests/Buffet table  Desserts/Birthday cakes

The Set up

Somebody pinch me... It seems like we just celebrated Phuc's and Nicky's birthday a few months ago!  I remember the weather was so nice and we sat outside by the pool drinking a cocktail and having a great time!  That was a year ago!  Simply incredible to think we celebrated Phuc's and Nicky birthday combined with superbowl! 

So another year just zoomed by and tonight we are celebration Phuc's birthday (too many to keep track of) and Nicky's 17th Birthday!  Time simply goes by way too fast when we are having so much fun!

Maily is the executive chef, Phuc is in charge of his famous steaks and wine, Huyen is in charge of setting up the tables & decorations, and I am in charge of desserts!

Huyen made numerous trips to different stores for tablecloths, candles, tables runners and decorations in order to get the look and feel she wanted.

Multi tables are put together so that 25 adults can have a sit down dinner.


Fresh cut green foliage arrangement from Huyen's garden are nicely arranged in the middle of the table.

One of the many centerpiece on the dinning table.



Close look at the foliage/flower arrangement.

Individual plate setting...

More centerpiece...

Setting up the buffet table... 

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