Dinner at Plumed Horse on Christmas eve - 12/24/10

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This is the first time in a very long time that we are staying home for Christmas!  We usually go to Los Angeles or to Las Vegas but this year Kevin insisted on being home!

Originally, my aunt and her family was going to stop by for dinner but in the end we decided to do it on the 25th so that Elicia can join us too.

This is our second time to the Plumed Horse.  The first time we went there for Huyen's birthday in 2008.  So it has been over 2 years since our first visit.   We had a very good dinning experience the last time so  hopefully tonight the food will be as good as the first time.

Plumed horse is situated downtown Saratoga on Big Bassin Way, the main street and was awarded a 1 star from the Michelin guide.  At night time Saratoga is pretty sleepy with the exception of the plumed horse where patrons keep coming in for a culinary experience.

From the street, it remains an unassuming exterior that fits well with the other buildings along Big Basin Way. Once inside it tells an altogether different story. It is sleek and welcoming!


Our reservation was at 8:00PM but when we got there our table was not ready yet so I gave Kevin a little tour.  In the lobby/entrance, an upside down Christmas tree is hanging on the ceiling.

The wine cellar with a selection of 1,800 wines from California, France, and all over the world.


The wine cellar is pretty amazing to look at!   Not only is it beautiful from above but you can also look down 26 feet via clear plastic floor and discover their amazing collection with lots of rare finds.


View from out table of the main dinning room.  The dining area is fairly small. There are less than 20 tables packed into a single room but they have a few more privates rooms that can hold large group of people.

The chandeliers are made of fiber optics that change from steely silver to vivid green, pink, aqua and a mixture of colors. 

Here you can see the chandeliers changing colors


View of the dinning room and the chandeliers.  The room looks a lot brighter because of the flash on the camera.  The room is actually on the dim side but not too dark.  I was able to read the menu witt my glasses on.

Candle holder on each table gave a nice glow.


Because it is Christmas the restaurant only offers the Christmas special menu. 



Kevin and I deciding what to order!


We decided to got with the 4 course dinner

Plumed horse logo on a plate.



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