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Roman temple

The Roman temple is located in the central square of Évora, in what would have been the highest elevation of the city's acropolis. It is surrounded by religious buildings associated with the Inquisition in Portugal, including: the Cathedral of Évora, the Palace of the Inquisitor, Palace of the Duke of Cadaval, the Court of the Inquisition and, the Church and Lóios' Convent, as well as the Public Library and Museum of Évora.

The Roman Temple of Évora (Templo romano de Évora) is an ancient temple and part of the historical city center, which was included in the classification by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. It represents one of the most significant landmarks relating to the Roman and Lusitanian civilizations of Évora and in Portuguese territory.

Évora was an important Roman trading town, so it is fitting that the city's finest monument is a beautiful preserved Roman temple. It is regarded as the best preserved Roman structure on the Iberian Peninsula since Roman occupation.

Initially the temple was incorporated into Évora castle, later used as a gallows during the inquisition, then converted into an abattoir and finally used as a lowly wood store. The historical importance of the temple was finally identified in the 19th century. The temple is incorrectly dedicated to the goddess Diana, but this adds to the charm of the beautifully preserved column structure.


With 14 Corinthian columns, this temple was part of the Roman forum and the main square in the first century A.D.

Today the town's open-air concerts and events are stage here against an evocative temple backdrop.


On the left in the church of the Loios ( the building with yellow trim).  On the right far end is the Museum of Évora.


Cathedral of Évora rooftop seen in between the colonnades.

Close look at the colonnades.

Loan and I posing in front of the Jardim of Diana


Jardim de Diana -Garden of Diana

Jardim de Diana is  adjacent to the temple  with an overlook of the city of Évora.

The garden is well maintained and very quaint.

View of the city of Évora from the Jardim of Diana.

Panoramic view of the square.


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