Portugal - 4/13-4/20/2016

Parque das Nações Évora-Cathedral Roman temple Cocktail & Dinner

Cocktail and Dinner

We met up with Son and Valerie at his hotel in downtown Lisbon for a cocktail before going to Ramiro for Dinner. 

Son choose Suntory Hibiki 15 and we were shocked to find out that they charge €35 a pop.

We never heard of Japanese whiskey before.. Hoa and Minh usually drinks Scotch so we were all surprised to find out that the top 3 Whiskey in the world are from Japan

Son enjoying his glass of whiskey!


On our way to the restaurant we passed by the Rossio Square

From the hotel to the restaurant is a good 10 minutes walk.


Not sure what this is but it must be painful to go up the stairs on a daily basis if you leave up there!


Valerie likes crabs and Son likes shrimps so we told that Ramiro is the perfect restaurant for tonight.

This will be our second time back at Ramiro.  The first time we ate there we over ordered way too much....

We arrived at the restaurant and there is a huge line..

Luckily there were maybe 10 people in front of us.. (You can see Loan waiting here with her bright lime pants)


The line was just incredible long! It turned out tonight there is bus with at least 50 people coming to eat here.

This restaurant does not take reservation but I assume they do for large group.

We ended waiting for about 20 to 30 minutes before getting a table.


Large tank with lobster in the middle of the restaurant.


We were seated upstairs in a private room.  It was really nice as we got lots of privacy.

We drank two bottle of Vinho Verde - €12.76 per bottle- incredible deal!

The bread is really delicious here-€2.70 per order - we got two orders.

Boiled crab - €32.60


Our waiter recommended that we get 1 shrimp per person but they are so big that one was more than enough.

 They sell the shrimps by weight - our plat cost €75.76 and we got 8 shrimps, 0.95 kilo


Thomas loved the crab and also the shrimps.


My favorite dish is the clams-  We got two orders for  €21.70- pretty amazing dish.

We loved it here the seafood is incredible and they also have very good service.  They saw that we have a little kid with us so our waiter came around and Thomas candies.


This is our last dinner in Lisbon!  What an amazing trip, The food here is really amazing.  Hoa usually does not care for fish but we ate the whole time here in Portugal and we never got tired of it.

It does make a huge difference when the fish is fresh.


Next... Dinner at Afaria, Paris



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