Portugal - 4/13-4/20/2016

Obidos-arrival The castle Rua Norte/Dinner/Alface hall

Bairo Alto, Rua do Norte -4/17/2016

Drove from Obidos back to Lisbon and now we are in the Bairo Alto district in Lisbon on Rua Norte.

We wanted to listen to music tonight and our taxi driver recommended Alface Hall, one of the city's coziest jazz bars located on Rua Do Norte.

Rua do Norte is really narrow but very long with lots of restaurants and coffee shops

We found Alface hall but it was too early!  They have live music at 9:30PM so we decided to grab dinner first and then come back later.



There are a lot of restaurants around here but the one we wanted to try was full so we settle on an Italian restaurant close by.


Appetizers are brought out-toasted bread with cheese.


This restaurant is really small and also really cute..


Creamy Seafood risotto

Home made Squid ink spaghetti with shrimps


Oil and garlic spaghetti-this is the best dish that we ordered. Simple but delicious!


Pizza with basil and beef Prosciutto.

This restaurant is cute and service is okay but the food did not meet our expectation.  Everything was just okay but not great.


Our meal is now over ... leaving the restaurant.  People are waiting to get in.


Time for a cigarette for Minh after a meal?

We are now at Alface hall-- It is around 9:00Pm and there are more people now!

Alface Hall  is part of the Alface Hostel, an inexpensive place to stay set right in the heart of Bairro Alto.

The room is simply decorated with lots mismatch comfy sofas, beanbags, and even 2 antique barber chairs which Hoa and Minh grabbed (the best seats in the house).


We arrived just on time to grab the last seats in the house...

The atmosphere here is super casual and mellow and the idea is to sink into an armchair, order a drink or a few drinks and enjoy the live music.

The band


I expected to find jazz music but tonight it is rock 'n' roll which is total fine with me.


The band is good and the singer is also very good.. She can work the crowd!


Music was loud but very enjoyable.  Lots more people stop by to listen.

No cover charge to get in- all you need to do is to buy a drink but they do not reinforce so it pretty relax.



There is also a crown outside... looks like teenagers.

They did not want to pay so they just stay in front of the door to listen to music.


Looks like they are having a very good time too!


On the left is a street vendor selling hats (he piled them up on his head) - He came in and try to sell hats but no takers.

After a 90 minutes of non stop music the band took a break- The singer taking a picture with us.


She is actually very good singer and plays the guitar really well too!

she also looks very young! 

We had a wonderful time here and we wondered how they can make money!  We gave the band a large tip and Minh told us that in the jar tip there are mostly coins and a very bills.


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