Portugal - 4/13-4/20/2016

Obidos-arrival The castle Rua Norte/Dinner/Alface hall


The Castle of Obidos

 During three weeks the medieval town’s narrow streets will be transformed into chocolate showcases of cakes and sweets that everyone can sample and to be purchased. Locals and tourists showed up for the chocolate event.  It is usually free to get in the castle but because of the Chocolate festival the entrance fee is 7 Euros.  We just happened to be here at the time of festival.  At first we thought it is always this busy but then we realized it is because of the festival.

Getting close to the entrance of the castle.. The is a line to buy tickets to get in...


The main entrance of the castle.


We are inside the entrance of the castle.



At the entrance of the castle there is a beautiful tiled chapel.. The blue and white 18th century glazed tiles, called Azulejo, depict the passion of Christ while the ceiling represents the crown of thorns.



Main street surrounded by rampart.  Lots of decorations for the Chocolate festival.


View of the city from the castle.

There are a lot of vendors selling chocolate in many different forms, lots of games and rides for the kids.


All kinds of sweets made out of chocolate....


View of the ramparts - The rampart walls are 42 feet tall protecting the castle from invaders.



On the hilltop is the 12th century medieval castle of Obidos.  The castle is now converted into a luxury hotel: "Pousada of Obidos"  with 14 rooms and 3 suites inside the castle and 8 rooms in a new wing.  All rooms are named after Portugal's Kings and Queens who have stayed in this town. 

As you can see huge chocolate billboard specially brought in for the festival.

View of the outside of the castle.

We are now walking inside the walled citadel.



The famous Pastel de Nata instead of a chocolate filling instead of the traditional custard.



Pastel de Nata and others chocolate pastries.


To tell you the truth the Chocolate festival was not that interesting!  We all thought it was a ripped off to pay for 7 Euros to get in as we did not care abut chocolate.

We were only interested is looking at the castle and the surrounding.   Here we are exiting the castle.


On our way back to the parking lot we had to walk around the residential area.  This is a charming narrow cobbled street. 


The town is so quaint and quiet- big difference from Rua Direita (the street we took to get in the castle) which is full of tourists.


Somebody back yard.


Cute little house and next of it are the ramparts.


Walking here felt like we went back in the medieval time!

You can see the ramparts here.  We could go up and have a look at the city but we were tired and opted to just look at it from the street.


Back to Rua Direita toward the parking lot!


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