The Langham hotel in Pasadena  -6/17/10

Checking in Tour of property the Dining room Amuse bouche/First course Course 2,3 & dessert The next morning

The Next Morning-The garden

We woke fairly early and went down for coffee but since our appointment at Cal-Tech is at 10:30Am, we had at least a good 2 hours to kill so we decided to see the garden.


Having coffee on the terrace.


Walking around the property!


Japanese garden.


Water fall and pond ...

They also have bungalows and private cottage to rent.  

Private cottage like this one is also available.  I am sure a lot of famous people stay here and they can get total privacy!

Walking back to the hotel


On our way back to our room we saw the Viennese ballroom and we decide to check it out...  The room is massive, perfect for big party or wedding.


Lightings on the wall and huge chandelier.


Taking about wedding.. we saw this bride ready to take pictures at the hotel.  I was told that a lot of weddings are arranged there!


Next... CalTech




Our house


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