The Langham hotel in Pasadena  -6/16/10

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Hoa found this hotel on the web and the picture looks so amazing so we decided to give it a try. The Langham Hotel was originally built in 1906  and was one of America's grandest hotels back then.   The hotel was rebuilt and re- opened in 1991 after renovation.  Capturing the grace and elegance of a bygone era, The Langham Huntington is located at the base of the picturesque San Gabriel Mountains, just nine miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles in beautiful Pasadena.  This Spanish-Mediterranean beauty sits on 23 spectacularly landscaped acres that seem a world apart from L.A., though Downtown is only 20 minutes away.  The Langham hotel is a Pasadena hotel legend since 1907 and has always been the favorite of stars and celebrities seeking a hideaway a short limousine ride from Los Angeles and it is truly the finest of Pasadena.

As we were driving toward the hotel, Kevin was shocked to see how grandiose and beautiful this hotel was.  He keep saying (sarcastically): " Oh my god this is such a bad hotel!"

It is pretty rare to see these type of hotel nowadays!


Left wing of the hotel


Center view of the hotel


View of the right wing of the hotel


The lobby

As you walk in the hotel this is the first thing you see.  Nice flowers arrangement looking out in the court yard.

I really enjoy looking at the flowers.  The flowers are really nicely arranged



Close look at the flowers arrangement.

View of the courtyard from the entrance of the lobby.

Beautiful courtyard (View from the lobby)


Walking toward our room

The hotel is opulent!  In every corner they have nice a piece of antique furniture.  Sideboard, round table, beautiful chairs all over. Let me take you to a quick tour as we were walking toward our room. 






Large hall way...


Close up look at nice round table.

Like I said, they have lots of furniture on display... they all look different with different decor on each.



Decorative ceiling.


Sitting area...

A majestic hallway leading to our room. 


Another hall way fit for a king!  For sure they do not make hotel like this anymore.  This too much of a waste of space but back then when land is still cheap this is how they build hotel!


This is our room. 

Each oversize guest room is dressed in conservatively elegant Ritz-Carlton style, softened by English garden textiles and a beautiful palette of celadon, cream, and butter yellow and the carpet is thick and very soft.


Luxuries include beds dressed in Frette linens.


Nice little table in our room.


 Marble bathroom with terry robes are offered. You might consider spending a few extra dollars on a Club Level room, which also features featherbeds, down comforters, CD players, morning coffee delivered with your wake-up call, and access to the club lounge with dedicated concierge and complimentary gourmet spreads all day. including breakfast, which we did not get.


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