6 days in Sicily-09/24 - 09/29/2017

Day 4-Open food market/Apollo Temple, Syracuse-09/27/2017

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It took us about 50 minutes to drive from Catania to Syracuse

Our GPS guided us to a parking in Ortigia which is a small island located right in the historical center of the city of Syracuse.

We walked into an open food market from a short distance of the parking lot.  Since it is time for lunch we were looking to grab something quick.

This small restaurant seems to be very popular and the line is so long, so we all assume the food must be good.

This guys is definitely the main attraction.  He was telling jokes and everybody was cracking up.  Too bad we cannot understand a word of what he was saying.

He was making a Panini at the time and the orders keep piling up.  He filled the panini with fresh mozzarella and then pile it with fresh vegetable to order.. Looks delicious.

We waited in line for a while then we realized you could order the food with one of the waiter and then find a communal table close by to eat.

We ordered a charcuterie tray with  assorted cheese,  marinated sun dried tomato, marinated olives etc..


We also ordered a sandwich with fresh mozzarella, cold cut, arugula, etc....  Glad we stumble on this place as the food is so fresh and delicious.


After lunch we walked around the open food market

Organic fresh produce


A fish stall


Wish I could buy the fish and make a meal out of it.

Daily catch...


Whole tuna on the left, hamachi, tuna, and salmon pieces on the right.


check out the sword fish head in the center.

Spice stall

Artisan stall with a variety of marinated olives.


Strolling in the market.



Big bags of mussels.

A couple with 3 dogs.. I miss my two dogs at home!

Another stall selling spice and dried goods.


This is the Piazza Emmanuel Pancali, the main square.  On the left side is the ruins of the temple of Apollo.

Ruins of the temple of Apollo.

The Temple of Apollo in Syracuse is the oldest Greek temple in Sicily and the second oldest Greek temple in the world. It was built by Greek colonists in the 6th century. B.C.

For years the original temple was hidden due to its subsequent transformations into a Byzantine church, then later converted into a mosque, and then returned to the church during thNorman period. Following this final conversion it was then deconsecrated, partially demolished and turned into a barracks during the Spanish period.

In 1860, however, preliminary evidence of the ancient temple was found hiding in what was then the barracks, and between 1938 and 1942 the remains of the temple were freed from the modern additions and at last excavated.


The  original temple has six and seventeen columns on both sides, of which only two are still upright (far end).


In this picture you can see the open market in the background.  We came from there.

Remain of two columns and a fragment of a main beam give an idea of the imposing size of the ancient building.


View of the open marker from the only arched way from the temple of Apollo.


Map of what the temple used to look like.


Narrow streets in the old town.


You can get lost here for hours, it's so quaint and it feels like you are going back in time. There are cobblers. artists at work on the narrow streets. Lots of shopping and restaurants.


We met this lady in one of the small alley selling jewelery.  She made them herself so Hoa and I, we each bought a bracelet from her.

She was really friendly and nice.


We passed by this huge church (I don't know the name).

Main entrance of the church. 


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