Thanksgiving Dinner  - 11/25/2010

The set-up/Guests


Sitting down

Carving the turkey/Dinner


The set-up/Guests

  Thanksgiving dinner is labor-intensive holiday with so many side dishes to serve beside the traditional roasted turkey and baked honey Ham, and no matter how organized we are, how “thankful” we are feeling, hosting a proper Thanksgiving dinner for a large group is a real challenge.  

This year the Thanksgiving Dinner is at Dung's house and we are celebrating it in the company of good friends who are as close as family. And since nothing comes more naturally to families than helping out one another, this is the perfect meal to host as an elaborate high end potluck. Linens, silverware, plates and crystal are all out to make it as festive as possible.  With a bit of planning and a well put together menu, we were able to have a  wonderful traditional Thanksgiving dinner without any stress.  Tonight we are going to have a full house with 16 adults and 18 young adults.  Knowing that the young adults have a healthy appetite we made sure that we had enough food to feed a crowd.   I am in charge of all the decoration so I brought the fall season indoors by using autumn colors, fall foliage and colorful pumpkins to set a spectacular Thanksgiving dinner.  After all, we feast with our eyes first!


Setting up the appetizers table

Center piece for the main dinning table


Overview of the dinning table.  This is still a work in progress, we still need to set up the silverware and napkins.

Decoration on the buffet table 

Done with setting up the dinning table and it looks pretty festive!

The dinning table for the kids.


Plates, bowls, and silverware are all set up!


The Guests

Thuy, Loan, Hanh and I 

Nam chi, Julian, Ludo, Justin, Vu and Kevin

Rachel, Lean and Tiffany

Mui serving Mulled wine 

Carol brought two bottles of  "Le Rêve" Champagne for us to start the evening.


Minh opening the champagne...

Dung, Tuan, Tuan, Minh, Hoa and Duy

Hanh, me, Loan, Mui, Maily, and Thuy


Tiffany and Lea

back ground: Nam Chi and Bo

Family portrait!

This picture remind me of the famous song sang by Nancy Sinatra: These boots are made for walking.

It goes something like this:

These boots are made for walking, and that just what they'll do

One of these days these boots are going to walk all over you... 


These boots belongs to lovely Carol and Loan!

Next.. Appetizers



Our house


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