Thanksgiving Dinner- 11/25/2011

The set up/Guests Soup is served Dinner Desserts

Time for dessert!

  Tonight we have a pretty large selection of desserts.  I made a chocolate mousse, a few raspberries and blueberries tartlets, an apple tart, raspberry bar, and a few batches of Madeleines.  Maily made a pumpkin cheese cake, Chi Mui brought a super giant pumpkin pie.


The dessert table is ready...

A large bowl of Chocolate mousse.


Raspberries and Blueberries tart, pumpking cheese cake, and a tray of Madeleines.

Cutting the pumpkin cheese cake into portion so people can help themselves.  In the middle of the picture is the pumpkin pie.

Close look at the French apple tart.

Close look at the Madeleines.

Jason and Nancy standing next to the dessert buffet.



I set out small plates and large plates but it looks like the large plates are more popular.

So many desserts to choose from...

The kids staying in line for dessert!



And of course the evening will not be complete without a game of Texas Hold'm.



The crew in action...

Happy Thanksgiving!

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