Thanksgiving Dinner- 11/25/2011

The set up/Guests Soup is served Dinner Desserts

Soup is served!


That's a lot of college kids in one room!  ;-). I bet they have a lot to catch up to do...

Bo is the only boy still in high school.

The adult table - Sitting down for soup

Dung, Chau, Mui, Tuan, Maily, minh and Loan.


Loan and Hanh

Ha and Trung

Annie, Ha, Trung, and Nancy

Close look at the soup!

Hanh made a killer roasted butternut soup and we have been asking her to make it ever since.

A toast!


Jason had to hold Sam while we are eating....

Clara is such a good baby, we did not hear her cry once.


Jason finally trying to eat his soup while holding Sam. 

Jason put Sam in our bedroom and he slept through until Nancy and Jason were ready to leave around 10ish

Nancy and Jason holding little Claire.

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