Thanksgiving Dinner- 11/25/2011

The set up/Guests Soup is served Dinner Desserts

The set-up/Guests

  Kevin has been away in college since September and this is the first time he is coming home to celebrate Thanksgiving.   This year we are celebrating Thanksgivings together with our friends and their kids. Most of the kids are now in college so this is a good time to get together in a festive environment and also to catch up with each other.

Thanksgiving dinner can be overwhelming with so many side dishes to serve so we all agreed to do a potluck.  I assigned the ladies a few dishes so there is no stress and we can all combined the dishes to make a spectacular Thanksgiving.  Phuc have being raving about KFC Thanksgiving for years so we finally gave in an order 2 turkeys from them.  The turkeys from KFC are fairly small (12 pounds) so we needed 2 to feed all of us (30 people).


The menu for Thanksgiving.

Setting up the buffet table.

Fall decorations on the mantle.


Protein buffet table (Turkey, Ham, and Rib-eye Roast)

Table for the adults.

Plates, Silverware, and Drinkware are all set up!


Pumpkins, leaves, and fall decorations in the middle of the table.


Individual plate setting.


Table setting for the kids.


Sitting down: Julian, Tiffany, Ryan, Nick, Vu and Kevin

Standing up: Nam Chi and Justin

The kids hanging around and waiting for all the guests to arrive.

Appetizers: Shrimp tempura from Ha/Trung

Canned Foie Gras with caramelized pears

Vu and Kevin

Kevin just cut his hair and he is unrecognizable.  we were shocked when he walked in the door and saw him without his trademark long hair.

Hanh, Ha, Annie, Mui, and Loan


Ludo, Kevin and Vu


The first course is roasted butternut squash prepared by Hanh.

Here she is reheating the soup but it needs to be stirred constantly if not the bottom of the pan will burn.

Because there are 14 kids and serving them takes too long.

We asked each kid to come a grab their plate and to proceed to dinning table.

Bo, Justin in the back, Tiffany, and Lea

Next.. Soup is served!



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