A week in Chennai, India- 2/26 - 3/5/10

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This is at least the 4th business trip to Chennai for Hoa!  He is familiar now with the surrounding and the people are really nice and friendly.  Chennai is such a long way from home!  It takes about 30 hours from door to door.  To get to Chennai you can fly two different routes.  Either you go the Europe route or you can go the Asian route because Chennai is kind of in the middle.  This time Hoa selected to go the Europe route so he can stop by Paris for 3 days and visit his family.


Taking a Tuc Tuc. Sometimes it is impossible to get a taxi so Tuc Tuc is an alternative.  Tuc Tuc is a 3 wheeler and it is available every where on the street and it is also very popular mode of transportation



 Hoa in a shopping center... Meeting up with co-workers who offered to take him around town.

Having lunch


Getting a cup of fresh lime/lemon juice.

In the office

Group meeting.

Lunch with ex co-workers from eBay.

Having coffee on the roof top of a nice restaurant.


Hoa doing a presentation to a large group.



Hoa took some of his staff to a Thai dinner.

Appetizers... they put all the ingredients in some kind of leave, roll it and dip it in a sauce.

Supposed to be a Thai appetizer but we have never seen it until you get to India.

Thai egg rolls but they put curry in the filling...


Tom Yum Goong soup


Fresh coconut drink

Fried ice cream, sprinkle with coconut meat.

The tea Lady!  She brings tea, coffee or water a few times a day!

Group picture.


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Our house


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