New year Party at the Vu's - 12/31/07

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The arrival of the guests

For the past 3 years we have been spending our New Year Party at an organized event.  The last year was so boring that we requested Doan and Tuan to throw a New year Party at their house so that the kids can be included and be part of the celebration.

The first guests to arrive:

Loan, Chi Tan, Hung, Anh Hung, and Tri

Thuy getting comfortable in the kitchen


Huyen and Doan in the kitchen

Anh Hung is all smile! 


Hai and Anh Hung enjoying a beer while waiting for all the guests to arrive.

Phuc is our designated bartender for the evening!

Phuc and Hanh starting the evening with a nice Cosmopolitan

Huyen, Tuan, Phuc and Hanh standing around the kitchen counter

Doan and Maily... Cheers!

Thanh and Chi Tan enjoying a glass of Cosmopolitan

The ladies doing shots to start off the evening

Cheers to good health! Looks like it is a shot of tequila since I see a few ladies holding a piece of lime in their hand.

Tri and Hung enjoying a little quiet time.

Tung, Ngoc and their two sons! 

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