BBQ featuring International dishes- 06/26/2021

Set up/Guests Dinner Al fresco/Poker Behind the scene

The set up/Guests

This party started with a simple BBQ in mind, and by the time I was done with finalizing my menu, it has become quite an elaborate menu.

Tonight, the menu is inspired by dishes around the world featuring: Italy, Japan, Greece, and Spain.

I wanted a colorful tablescape to reflect the bright and sunny days of summer.


I brought out my colorful blue goblets and my July 4th table clothes and napkins for the occasion even thought it is not quite July 4th yet.


View of a plate setting.


Napkins are folded to enclose all the silverware.



Flowers are added to make it cheerful.


I have to add an extension to our table because we have a total of 16 people for dinner.


Table overview.


Here is my first attempt of arranging Ikebana style using the flowers from our garden and they turned out a lot nicer than I expected.


I will serve Japanese food on the menu so the idea to have a few Ikebana arrangements sounded like a fun idea to match with the food.


I went a bit overboard with the flowers this time and was able to make two large flower arrangements.


Western flower arrangements to match with the rest of the international food.


Mixture of Hydrangea, roses, Scalavender, Lily of the Nile, and some ever green branches.



One of the center piece on the dinning table by using colorful roses.


Front of the menu


Back of the menu



View of front and back menu


Our guests are here...


Our guests are starting to arrive and they are hanging out in our backyard.


Time to catch up with everyone...



Happy to see everyone....




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