7 course dinner, Port & Whiskey-09/11/2021

Table set up/The guests Dinner In the kitchen

Table set up

I cannot beleive that it is already September.  Before the summer is over, I wanted to be able to get ripe tomatoes, stone fruits, and fresh vegetables at our local market for a few dishes on my menu.  We are blessed to live in California as the produce is abundant and so fresh. Once I figure out all the ingredients available at the store,  I was able to come up with a 7 course dinner for tonight.

 I wanted a traditional table set up so I choose white and blue as the base.


Next, to make it colorful, I added a bunch of flowers arrangements.


I printed out a menu for each couple and individual name labels.


Table overview


Colorful flowers arrangements.


Plate settings.




Close view at the flowers arrangements.



Menu front and back.


The Guests

Our guests are here and we are starting with a cocktail, and champagne.


From left to right: Helena, Phu, Annie, Tuan, Wayne (back), Michael, and Thomas.




The ladies having a conversation...


From left: Hanh, Helena, Annie (Back) and Joelle.


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