Gifts exchange-12/18/09

The guests Dinner Gifts exchange

The Guests

Last year the gifts exchange party was at my house and it was a blast!  The party was so much fun and we laugh so much that we all decided to organize it again this year!

The group is getting too big to have it at my house so I am organizing it at Dung's house.  Being busy setting up and serving the appetizers Hoa and I we simply forgot to take pictures of all the appetizers. 


The kids mingling around the appetizers table.

We had shrimps cocktail, steamed mussels, escargot de Bourgogne, smoke duck breast etc...

The boys..

from left: Justin, Spencer, Kevin, Nicky, Bo, Ludo, Ryan, Justin N., Julian and Nam Chi



Mui, Ha and Rachel enjoying a cocktail

Maily and Mui dressed up to the nines!

Lean and Rachel

Ki and Khang

In the kitchen with Phuc while is cooking the steaks!

Here I am helping Tuan cutting the steaks!

The ladies...

Ha, Mui, Maily, loan, Hanh, Thuy, Me, Huyen and Ki


The gentlemen

Trung, Duy, Hoa, Tuan, Tuan N., Minh, and Dung.


The kids having fun...


Loan and Minh

Cheers to Ha and Trung



Tuan and Duy


Duy and Rachel

Kevin and Nicky conversing....

Jokes were told....and people are laughing!

This is great picture! I am not sure if the kids are posing or not but they seems to be very lively (Ludo, Julian and Bo)

Next...The food



Our house


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