Holidays party at our house -12/19/09

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Christmas decoration


Christmas and the holidays are supposed to be a time of peace, love and good will to all, so keeping that spirit it mind I decided to organize a holidays party with family and friends.  Christmas is one of my favorite holiday because it is so festive and it is also a very happy time for the kids. This year, instead of just hosting a dinner party, I asked everyone to bring a wrapped gift so we have a white elephant gift exchange after dinner.  To capture the excitement of the holidays spirit, I  brought out a lot of my Christmas decorations, and went full blast with all the Christmas decorations.  Before we start with the party let's get a quick tour of the all the decorations I have out this year.

The main display table close to the entrance.

Apothecary jars filled with Christmas decoration ornaments.

Red Christmas ornaments in apothecary jar and white Christmas tree.


The chimney is fully decorated.  Too bad the kids are now so grown up and they do not believe in Santa Claus any longer.  Never the less a Christmas without Santa Claus effigy is not really a Christmas!


Since we have a small house I decided to have 2 small Christmas trees.

Here is the 2nd Christmas tree. It is only 4 fee tall and it is perfect to put it on my coffee table.  

Over the year I collected so many Christmas decorations and they came in handy to decorate the house.

This the display in the TV room.


Close up of the display on the left

Santa Claus theme display.

Next...Table set up



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