Holidays Menu-12/04/10

The set up The Guests The Menu Platting/Behind the scene

The set up

The holiday season is here and it is a happy time for everyone! This is an annual festive period that surrounds the Christmas and various other holidays and it is also the busiest time for everyone!  This year I am  throwing a cozy dinner party the first week of December to kick off the Holidays season of 2010!  I wanted to treat my friends to a really nice dinner and so in order to cook and serve at a high standard I can only have 14 people over.  14 people is considered to be a large sit down dinner by any standard but with our group this is a cozy and intimate party.

View of the dinner table!

Decorations are all out to make it a festive dinner affair!


Side view of the table


Colorful ornaments are set on each plate to make it festive.


The occasional plates and Crystal glasses are used for this event.

To create a little excitement and curiosity, I did not reveal the menu until it is time to sit down at the dinner table.


Menu is print out!

Details on the menu.




Our house


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