Birthday celebration for Tuan & Mui- 4/21/12

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Tonight Loan and Minh are hosting a double birthday celebration for Tuan and Mui at their house!  Maily is the executive chef for the evening!


 Check out this gorgeous centerpiece!  Fake or real? 

The branches has a natural organic and woodsy feel and the flowers are so pretty and definitely add an elegant touch to any room.   All of us were wondering that it is just too pretty to be real but after touching the leaves and flowers we were all surprise to find out that it is the real thing.  This type of flower is called "Dogwood".  Loan has a huge tree in front of her house and it was just perfect to use as a centerpiece for the evening.

Gorgeous dogwood centerpiece!

Table overview!

Dark purple mat and light purple napkins add a splash of color against the white plates.


More views of the table.

One of the many vases on the table filled with lush leaves.

A nice vase filled with dogwood flowers.


Mui and Huyen admiring the decoration of the table.

Row of napkins...

The ladies: Ha, Loan, Mui, Hanh, Huyen, Maily and I

The menu is print out by Chef Maily!

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