Maily and Ha's birthday

Farm to table dinner-8/21/2021

Table set up The food Desserts/Happy Birthday The kitchen

The set up/Guests

 We were supposed to go to Paris for two weeks but 3 days before our departure we got a notification from the CDC advising not travel to France due to COVID-19 and to exercise increased caution in France due to terrorism and civil unrest.  We had to cancel our trip and stay home.  Now that we are not traveling anymore and I have plenty of time, I decided to gather the group to celebrate Maily's 60th birthday and Ha's 38th birthday!


Table is set up!


Green plates and tablecloth with green branches for a feel of summer.



Menu is printed and on the table I only put 3 small vases as we are going to have family style dinner so I need room on the table.


Balloons for a cheery mood.


Table overview.


Happy birthday balloons.




Flowers arrangements


More flowers arrangements.


The menu


The back of the menu.


Happy birthday to Maily and Ha!


Looks like we are all listening to Trung telling a story...


The guys practicing golf.






NEXT... Dinner


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