AME restaurant, San Francisco- 12/22/12

Ame & the group

Wine & Menu

Tasting Meny & a la carte Desserts

As usual we are spoiled rotten with Phuc carefully selecting the wine from his own collection for us to drink tonight.


I usually prefer red wine but the Kistler Sonoma Mountain (on the right) is really amazing!

I had a few sips, mingle a bit, and then..... I glanced at my glass it was almost empty!  How could it be?  I was wondering what going on until Hoa laugh and said he liked it too much so he poured what ever on my glass into his... Thankfully Phuc brought a second bottle and there were plenty to go around.

The Menu


Raw bar and appetizers


5 course tasting Menu

Main courses

The Bread

Our waiter brought out a basket of warm bread!

I have to say the bread was excellent!

Good way to start our meal!


Next.. 5 course tasting menu & a la carte



Our house


Photo Gallery

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