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Tasting Meny & a la carte Desserts

5th course: Desserts

For desserts we had a choice to pick whatever we wanted from the menu so I decided to get 5 different desserts out of the 6 choices they had on the menu.

Coconut Milk Panna Cotta with Tropical Fruit Compote and Lime Froth

The panna cotta was a bit runny but I really like the coconut flavor and a touch of acidity from the passion fruit.


Parfait of Huckleberries and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with Honey Brittle and Lemon Cream



Minh ordered the sorbet and said it was pretty good.  I am not a sorbet person and I did not taste it but I'll take Minh's word that it was good!


Apple and Quince Tart with Hazelnut Crumble and Fior di Latte Ice Cream


Very nicely done and I we all gave it thumbs up!

Chocolate Almond Cake with Sun dried Sour Cherry Kirsch Ice Cream in Cacao Nib Dome


Nice presentation!  also very good but this was the dessert I like the least but don't take me wrong it is still a very good dessert.


Beer Donuts with Chocolate Stout Ice Cream and Chocolate Fudge Sauce


Interesting presentation!  They painted a light coat of chocolate on the dish!  It gives it a wow factor but it was not convenient to get it onto the donut because the layer was so thin.  Perhaps it was meant for show only which it is perfectly fine with me.  I don't think the chocolate sauce would add much to the donuts anyway..

However, this was my favorite dessert of the evening.  We all love the donuts together with the ice cream.  Very nicely done!

We shared all the desserts and they were outstanding! I enjoyed them all!


So what do we think of the restaurant?

First of all our waiter and all the staff there were all incredibly well trained!   They handled our group of 10 very well by making us feel so comfortable, paid close attention to our need,  and turned the whole dinning experience into a really enjoyable and fun evening.  As for the food there were some hits and some misses but overall it was very good.  I personally though the food was leaning towards more on the Asian side and I probably would like it more on the French or Italian side but it is just a matter of taste. 

Our reservation was at 6:15Pm and we did not walk out of the restaurant until 11:30PM.  Like I said they keep pouring coffee and never once did they rush us and that's why they got a Michelin Star-  Beside the food, SERVICE IS KEY!

A big thank you to Minh and Loan for picking the restaurant and for treating the whole group to a wonderful meal!

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